Domain Name Registration

Are you planning to create a website in India? If so, you should remember that Domain Name Registration is the most important step when creating a website. Therefore, I suggest you do research before finalizing the domain name. Setting up a website in India is very cheap. For just 2,000 rupees a year, you can build a website for your business, blog, or even family

1. Onlive Server

Onlive Server undoubtedly provides itself with one of the best domain names in the field! But what kind of service do you provide to customers? The first thing to remember is that Onlive Server offers a variety of services, and its website provides web hosting, VPS hosting, email, SSL certificates, and web design. A very sleek corporate feel and search operations seem to be the least effortless. There are several different hosting plans to choose from, Onlive Server has many options, and it also provides customers with various e-commerce solutions and marketing tools Domain Name Registration.

The price is pretty good, but there are some cheaper options. The cost of using Onlive Server to extend .com is $9.99, which is not unreasonable, but it is also not the best domain registrar in terms of value. In addition, the site will charge you more for protecting the WHOIS domain. Onlive Server offers many services, but it is difficult to recommend based on its pricing structure. However, if you want to try some undoubtedly impressive features, you can click here to do it.

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Domain Name Registration

2. Onlive Infotech

Onlive Infotech may be one of the lesser-known domain name registrars, but the company currently serves 2 million websites. An interesting notch that Onlive Infotech can proudly add to its belt is that the popular platform WordPress recommends the site as its web hosting option. Reckless dismissal is definitely not a boast, so their web hosting is pretty good and there are many options. Sharing, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, reseller hosting is all on the desktop, and Onlive Infotech customer service is also very good. With strong live chat support, they will usually guide you patiently and helpfully to solve any problems.

However, it is difficult to recommend Onlive Infotech based on the price of the Best Domain Name Provider. The cost of registering for the .com extension is US$11.99 per year, while the cost of domain privacy protection is roughly the same, US$11.88 per year. This means you will pay $23.87 for Onlive Infotech’s cheapest protected domain name. Considering some other options, this is quite expensive, which means that although Onlive Infotech provides positive qualities, it cannot be recommended as one of the best domain registrars. However, if you don’t mind paying a little more, Onlive Infotech’s advanced features are worth a try. You can now do it by clicking here.

3. HostGator

HostGator is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Since its establishment in 2002, it is currently responsible for 9 million domain name registrations. HostGator focuses on web hosting and provides a variety of functions in this regard. It can be seen as a domain registration service similar to Onlive Infotech, so we must immediately mention that HostGator is more expensive Find Domain Name of Website. If you want to register a .com extension on this site, it will cost you $12.95 per year, and to get WHOIS protection, you will need to pay another $14.95.

This makes the annual cost of registering a .com site US$27.90; 17% more than Onlive Infotech. This will soon increase to multiple domains. Nevertheless, HostGator has some impressive features, and its uptime is considered one of the strongest in the industry. They also offer regular transactions for common extensions, which makes registering your domain more affordable. However, in general, it is difficult to recommend HostGator compared to other cheaper domain registration options. However, if you want to learn about the services they provide, you can click here to go to HostGator.

 4.  OakyMarketing

Incredibly, Oakymarketing was founded in 1988, when most people did not even know the existence of the Internet! But this German company is ahead and has registered domain names for more than 30 years! We should mention here quickly that although the company was founded as 1 1, it has since changed its name to Oakymarketing. The Oakymarketing cover did not impress us too much. The color scheme of this website is a bit fancy, and its search function is quite slow compared to other websites.

However, providing customer service 24/7 is a huge advantage for the website Find Book Domain Name of Website. The price is competitive, but a bit misleading. Today, you can register almost any .com domain at a very low price, starting at just $1 per year. However, Oakymarketing chose to make money by raising the price to a fairly high level in subsequent years. Therefore, after the end of the 12-month period, the cost of .com extensions is $20 per year, while some of the other extensions are quite expensive. Some common domain extensions, such as .co and. online, charge $40 per year from the second year, while


Finally, is another company that has won valuable domain names, but how does it perform? When registering a domain for customers, first, it should be noted that offers a large number of online marketing tools, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, Facebook Boost, and other available benefits. However, it should be noted that customer support is somewhat lacking, there is no obvious live chat available, and there is no 24/7 service. In addition, does not provide transparent services, does not fully clarify the price on its website, and forces customers to register with them before revealing the price of the domain name they searched for. This leaves a bit of sourness, and we found this to be marketing manipulation, although the price is actually pretty good.