Upgrading Hong Kong Dedicated Server in 2021

Dedicated server hosting is a new way, more efficiently working for online businesses. Our Hong Kong dedicated servers are upcoming with the latest technology, new features, and best services. You will get a very maintained way to do your online business with our Hong Kong dedicated server.

Suppose you are looking for the best hosting solution which you can use to create a strong base for your online website. Then you have found the solution in front of you. Hong Kong dedicated hosting is serving the best hosting to many existing brands. Recommended by companies, we are the one that is very transparent and professional with our support and services.

Hong Kong Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
Hong Kong Dedicated Server – DSX1 – 2x Intel Core i3-4150 – 4c/8t/3.50 GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dedicated Server – DSX2 – Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 – 4c/8t/3.90 GHz, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Dedicated Server – DSX3 – Intel Xeon E5-2670 – 8c/16t/3.30 GHz, 32GB RAM, 2 x 480 GB SSD
Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dedicated Servers Are Latest Upgraded with New Technology,

In 2021 we have created a new way to provide our hosting services more efficiently. Customers are looking for a comprehensive option- That they can use for starting a business and an already established business.

Those can now use our Hong Kong dedicated server hosting for both purposes. By adjusting facilities, we have automated systems, just installed from our side- This will help you change the overall working of hosting as per the requirement you have.

Customization of Plans

Also, the option of customizing plans is added to our services. By which any customer that is looking for a flexible hosting solution can now get benefit from our Hong Kong dedicated servers. This is the very least option to be seen in any hosting provider company.

Our customers highly appreciate the feature of customizing plans because it is regularly helping to give customers a solution that is looking for particular features in hosting. With the Hong Kong dedicated hosting server, customers can now choose different features from the list. This will be a very cost-effective way to exclude additional charges of no used features. And also, be very efficient to fulfill every requirement of customers- Which they can choose by selecting features in need.

What Are the Properties Hong Kong Dedicated Server Have- That Make It Different from Other Solutions?

Hong Kong dedicated servers are built with Japanese technology. Which we all know is a country very famous for its high-tech facilities in the technology field. With this Japanese technology’s help, Hong Kong dedicated server work 24 into 7 lives without creating any glitch for a second. We have an incredibly high speed with the best bandwidth, which creates more hosting facilities and gives your website a boost in speed for loading.

Branded Hardware and Software’s are Implemented for Best Quality of Computation Services, A Server is a computer working at a high level- To provide online storage for websites. To make such computers, we use branded components- That are best in quality and productivity.

Highly efficient Rams, best SSD drives, full speed Intel processors, cooling fans, etc. Are some hardware, which we mainly focus on being used of the best quality. Because at the end the load will come to these things. And if they create any problem in between, the same thing will be shown on the hosting side. Our managing teams are working very hard at the back- To give you the greatest satisfaction for your investment.

Best Network Support with Full Protection

Many times, hosting’s is the target of hackers. Hackers use a DDOS attack to steal data from datasets of websites. To save our customers from such a situation- We are giving DDOS protection in all of our Cheap Dedicated Server plans, giving extra security for online programs and websites. You don’t have to despair about anything; just buy the plan and utilize the best hosting services.


Hong Kong dedicated server hosting makes a tremendous difference from a conventional hosting service. Everything is finely managed with the best simple user interface. There is not any type of complexity to understanding the functioning and hosting of a website. We will always be ready to listen to your side and help you with the matter.

Our customers have full freedom to choose what they want-We will support them fully and help them reach their goal. Build or select a plan that can most probably fulfill all your present and future web hosting services requirements.