What is Windows VPS Server?

VPS Server stands for Virtual Private Server. The VPS server makes the hosting solution very flexible. Because the user can access his visual system via a remote desktop web connection that provides operating information outside the operating system. A Windows VPS server is a virtual private server running the Microsoft Windows operating system. It is a way to design a reliable and secure server by dividing. A dedicated server into multiple servers called virtual servers while each has the appearance. And power and features such as using a dedicated server at a very low cost. For many purposes, they work in parallel with a dedicated virtual server. And as defined by the software, it can easily create and configured. They are much cheaper than the same virtual server.

It’s more efficient than a physical computer and it’s ideal for creating websites, hosting servers, and doing development work on the Internet. A Windows VPS server that can install on any computer or laptop. It offers a highly reliable and scalable solution for businesses, small business owners, bloggers, etc. It scales up or down depending on the needs of the business owner and it allows you to install any application that would run on a physical machine. VPS is a virtual private server. Its used for websites that need to host on multiple servers. Or where high performance and scalability need.

Reasons to choose Windows VPS Server:

 It focuses on relevant issues and avoids divisive processes such as procurement and energy planning. This will have built-in SSD storage to improve performance and reliability.

Full Administrator Access: Windows VPS hosting services are available for management. Search for a few websites, install applications/software from third parties, or use them to browse fully managed Windows VPS data.

Initiation: Each Windows VPS is pre-installed with the latest FrontPage plugins to keep the website up to date. Windows VPS servers provide support for MySQL and MS SQL website administrators.

Simple VPS Upgrade: The shared IP address is available to update your VPS whenever you want. Experts ensure that during the review process, no data damage or corruption.

Priced Price: The most affordable Windows VPS hosting service is also suitable for webmasters. These services require complete access to the website.

Magnificent Hardware:  Windows VPS hosting servers that come with secure hardware to make the Windows VPS platform more suitable for advanced websites and ensure high performance and reliability.

Windows VPS Server Control Panel

Plesk control panel holds account management windows and Windows Web hosting. Plesk is a very common and widely used Windows control panel with all the powerful features your website needs.

With Plesk windows, you can drive your company at lightning speed which gives your website a random control panel. Open the world with secure and cheap windows in India. Reliable and efficient shared window management, without the high cost, has helped many businesses to set an important business goal. Both networks, such as shared hosting and dedicated hosting design, deliver our Windows Services.

Windows VPS Server Complete Management System

Based on business computer hardware and up to 2x faster than standard cloud storage, the latest patented blockchain technology.100% quality SLA available. On the status page, confirm the track record. The service guarantees that the hosting server will compensate customers for more than 5 minutes for any delay. Simple backup programs create or edit common backups quickly. Backups are created very quickly using real screenshots. It can almost heal quickly. Both data centers, which are the most accessible multi-relocation systems, are integrated without fail.

There are many benefits of VPS servers such as:

1. It provides a more stable and secure environment.

2. It offers greater versatility in terms of storage capacity.

3.  More control over your server environment.

4. They provide better performance than shared hosting servers.

5. They can be cheaper in comparison to dedicated hosting servers.

6. It is easier to set up, maintain, and scale than Linux-based systems.

7. It is better for running production applications like databases or web servers.

8. Lower up-front investment cost than traditional dedicated servers or cloud hosting solutions.

9. High availability and performance – it’s not uncommon for some VPS providers to offer 100% uptime guarantees.

10. Secure – You’ll have an easier time maintaining security. your data will be stored in an isolated environment with no chance of leaking out to other computers or hackers. Onlive Server offers Cheap Linux VPS Server Hosting with Better Performance. Users will get a better experience with data security. Our Cheap Linux VPS Hosting solution is also ideal for your businesses which require cost-effective, and high-performance at the lowest price.


Windows VPS Server is an easy and fast server process. Web infrastructure is the most affordable, scalable, and reliable. It can be a start-up platform or an advanced platform for managing a big business. Provides a variety of web hosting services for every use. All websites are available in modern data centers with frequently disconnected internet connections and fast network access.