It is absolutely true that Russia VPS Server hosting is a good choice for your online business but in recently Russia VPS Server hosting has achieve massive momentum amongst the users. Therefore, Onlive Server Company offer the best VPS Server Hosting with various features which is beneficial for everyone.

If you have decided up your mind to go for Russia VPS Hosting services, then the most important thinks about that which hosting server your needs. Why do you actually need to buy Russia VPS Hosting solutions for your business? VPS Hosting is a not expensive and it’s provides best offer for the online business. It gives the high traffic for you online business. The users of VPS servers have their own share of dedicated resources available in the form of RAM, bandwidth and CPU. Russia VPS Hosting are also coming as a blend of shared and dedicated hosting.

Onlive Server Offers Russia VPS Server hosting plans at just $21/Month with this configurations – 1 Cores / 4 Threads, 1 GB RAM, Storage – 30 GB Space, Bandwidth – 1 TB Data Transfer, IPv4 – 1 Dedicated IP, Network – 100 Mbps, OS – Windows & Linux, Hypervisor – KVM Architecture and fully Managed Support etc.

Russia Dedicated Server Hosting – Fully Managed Server

Onlive Server company offers you balanced Russia Dedicated Server Hosting which is available for your online business that is little or medium. It included bunches of devoted highlights like high transfer speed and information security etc. For the office of our client, we have a decision of both Linux also Windows working framework. For Linux, we have a decision of Ubuntu, CentOS and for Windows, we have windows server from 2008 to 2016. We give you root get to authorization or full control over the server so you can do any adjustments in it effortlessly.

There are many companies using the term “Dedicated Hosting” for marketing, but there is more. One of the main advantage of Dedicated hosting is that the server hardware risk is much lower than for common VPS hosting accounts. Onlive Server Offers Russia Dedicated Server hosting plans at just $99 per month with this configurations – DSX1 – Processors: Corei3-7100, CPUCores: 2 Cores / 4 Threads, CPU Speed: 3.9GHz, RAM: 8GB DDR4, Storage: 2x500Gb SATA,Bandwidth: Unlimited 100Mbps, IP: 1 Dedicated IPv4 and full managed server etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many sites can I host on the dedicated server?

Ans: You can host many websites on the dedicated server.

Q: Do you provide backup services?

Ans: We also provides the backup services with best quality.

Q: What kind of applications can users load?

Ans: The users are completely free for loading all type of software and applications like as: Linux, Windows, Centos and Ubuntu etc.

Q: What is the common use of a dedicated server?

Ans: Data backup service is a common and highly preferred use of a dedicated server.