Russia VPS Server

You can rent a virtual private server (VPS), so you don’t have to buy one. You can enrol in one with all the required software and hardware, such as CPU cores, RAM, storage capacity, and actual server hardware. After that, you can rent the real gear from our staff of experts, who will also take care of its maintenance. Or, if self-hosting your servers is more your style, we can provide that option.

Our Russia VPS Server options offer everything from shared virtual machines with full root access to dedicated root servers (including the ability to run multiple operating systems on the same machine). We also provide several shared plans you can scale up or down according to your needs.

Benefits of a VPS Server

A virtual private server (VPS) is a server that is hosted in the US. The most significant benefit of using one is that it enables you to browse your website from any location without worrying about latency or a sluggish connection.

VPS servers are an excellent option for organizations that want to grow but lack the funding for premium pricing because they are also less expensive than other hosts.


The Server operates at a high level of efficiency. When most users are online or during “peak hours,” you may expect a speedy website. You can ensure that your website loads swiftly without worrying about slowdowns or downtime because the speed is constant throughout the day.


Thanks to its automatic IP allow list; you can quickly block access from unapproved IP addresses. The service also includes virus protection and two-factor authentication capabilities to safeguard your website against hackers and other dangerous attacks.

Web Security

Our priority is keeping your clients and business safe. We use innovative technology to safeguard you from viruses, malware, and hackers. To protect your website from hackers, we provide various online security services. We have a team of experts on staff who can assist you with any technical problems with your website.

Choosing a Russia VPS Server

It’s not as easy as it sounds to select a VPS server. When choosing the most OK Server for your needs, it would be beneficial to consider various aspects. Choosing a server with the capabilities and options is crucial.

Features: The most important consideration while selecting a Russia VPS Server. Before choosing a server for your business needs, you must consider some qualities that all servers have. Network bandwidth, RAM, hard drive space, and processor performance are important factors.

Network Bandwidth: The number of simultaneous websites your Server will host will determine its bandwidth. However, choosing an upgraded server with a bigger bandwidth capacity would be preferable if you host many websites on it. A bandwidth package with unlimited usage is also available for an additional cost.

RAM: The amount of data that can be stored in your database, MySQL database, etc., depends on the RAM that your Server has available. Depending on the type of application running on it, such as databases or email servers, you can expand the RAM capacity of your Server by installing more RAM modules.

24/7 Support

Our highly qualified team of professionals is prepared to assist you if you have any concerns before, during, or after the purchasing process. 24/7, our customer service representatives are reachable by phone, email, or live chat. You can also read knowledge base articles on our website to find out the answers to frequently asked questions regarding Server hosting plans.


  • We outfit the Server with the most up-to-date hardware, guaranteeing it can easily manage demanding tasks and significant traffic.
  • It provides various operating systems from multiple suppliers, so you may select the one that best meets your needs.
  • It offers a variety of capabilities, including SSD storage, RAID storage, etc., that make it simple for you to manage massive files and data efficiently.
  • Has a track record of security with no occurrences of downtime to date?

Why is Onlive Server the Best VPS Hosting Company?

It gave you all the resources you need to launch your online business. To help you get going quickly, we provide web hosting, domain registration, and email services.

All box comes with limitless email addresses, capacity, and storage space. Our customers can choose from various web hosting packages we offer. I created our packages for small businesses who require a little help to manage their website without being overly reliant on technology or spending excessive money on it.

The High-quality SSD Driver

We use premium SSD drivers on a VPS server. The SSD drive will be more dependable and capable of faster data transfer than conventional hard drives. The SSD driver performs better and has a longer lifespan.

Why VPS server is the smartest choice

You receive all the advantages of shared hosting with a VPS hosting without paying extra for any services or features. Setting up backups or transferring files between Russia VPS Servers are not issues for you. Our committed support staff takes this care of you. We also provide managed services to handle all of your server needs while keeping things simple for you.


For any business, Onlive Server provides a solution. Online storage is a must for every business, and the Cheap VPS Server goes above and beyond the call of duty by ensuring that your files are safe and secure. Server, a company with headquarters in the US, is committed to offering its clients the finest in US-based VPS hosting.