cPanel Hosting


To prove they’re reliable and offer high-quality services, we recommend trying Onlive Server. You can buy a complete control panel setup and VPS servers so all requests can be managed from one place. And not need an extra team dedicated just to maintaining and troubleshooting these servers.

Onlive Server offers several different packages so don’t hesitate and let them know what type of server you’re looking for! they work hard every day in order to keep prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality! Here, Onlive Server provides cPanel hosting at a very affordable price means more people can start businesses!

What is cPanel?

cPanel (often called control panel) is an operating system. That allows you to access files and settings on your site from any web browser. You can edit information about who owns a domain name, what server software is being used, and more. In addition. cPanel offers special features like email and domain services. That allows you to manage multiple domains or accounts with ease. cPanel also comes with a backup feature in case of emergency.

What is cPanel hosting?

The term cPanel refers to a type of web hosting control panel. Its uses in many different types of servers. And not just those from Hestia. A cPanel will let you manage almost every aspect of your WordPress website. From creating new users and assigning them rights and privileges all the way.Through sending out marketing newsletters or creating databases for e-commerce purposes.

Simplicity of cPanel

As a powerful content management system, WordPress facilitates both professional and novice bloggers. However, installing and configuring a WordPress site is not an easy task for those who are new to it. That’s why most of them choose a pre-built web hosting such as shared hosting, where they just need to buy a domain name and copy and paste files without spending extra time on technical configurations.

Advantages to cPanel hosting

The best WordPress Hosting for beginners comes in two flavors, known as Shared Web Hosting and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). The main difference between these two types of web servers is that VPS allows you to host more than one website from a single server. This is known as virtualization because each website appears as a unique server. In VPS, you give full access to control over your virtual space; shared servers are more difficult to maintain.

Why should you use cPanel hosting?

cPanel Hosting services the best WordPress Hosting plans and an open source-based control panel. If you want to start a website then there are many more platforms and designs which you can choose according to your need, but most common problem is that they have many restrictions and it takes time for them in order to launch a new website. With cPanel hosting services you can easily solve all kinds of problems in less time.

Features of cPanel Web hosting

Our Linux Dedicated servers are an ideal choice for your dynamic, mission-critical e-commerce and web applications. Our single server management system (cPanel) makes it possible for us to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The server’s IP address automatic reserved. So you don’t have to worry about losing it if you want to move or resell a site in the future. Also, all our dedicated servers come with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee! With Free Domain name upon installation of any package. Wherein you can also register/transfer new domain names as well as update already registered domain names. That can do at any time and at no added cost!

Flexibility of cPanel

Our work is not an easy one but fulfilling, and challenging. We are in direct contact with our clients as we monitor our servers round the clock. Whatever question you have about WordPress Hosting, you can ask us anytime and we’ll be able to give you a precise answer in a flash. There is a high chance that you will run into difficulties at some point while using WordPress Hosting—that’s why our clients keep coming back to us again and again.

Is cPanel Hosting is safe for us?

It considers as the safest, secure, and dedicated hosting type. Because you don’t have to worry about any type of technical problem due to its round clock customer support. It offers 99.9% uptime with all security features at cheaper rates than others. You tack dedicated 24/7 customer support and instant response. That always solves any issue or doubt in a few seconds of time. Our team always works in an active way for our valuable customers.

cPanel Extensibility

With 20 years of proven reliability, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is backed up and protected. We handle security updates, patches, and testing to ensure your WordPress site stays secure. You’ll never have to worry about downtime because we carefully plan for any possible challenges. If anything, ever does go wrong, we’re available round-the-clock 24/7.

Why should I Choose cPanel Hosting For our Business?

The host that offers cPanel features is compatible with a variety of scripts and will allow you to install popular web applications. It supports all platforms, giving you more freedom when choosing a web host. A user-friendly control panel allows you to manage many aspects of your website without any programming skills, making it ideal for beginners. You have access 24/7 if there are any issues with installing or managing websites on your server, and regular security updates keep everything safe from hackers and malware.

Is cPanel required for managing a website?

Every WordPress Hosting plan offered by our company comes with cPanel, which is a powerful tool for managing a website. Most internet users are not aware of how capable and versatile it is and that can be problematic for them. If they’re not using WordPress. If you want to use WordPress on our domain but don’t need all of its amazing features. You might be able to get away with using another type of web host. But if you do need those features. then you’ll definitely want to go with a good WordPress hosting plan. If you have any doubts regarding anything else in regards to web hosting or our service. Please feel free to contact us at any time; we’re available 24/7. Also, check out our Google Community where everyone is welcome!

Secure your website from malicious attacks with Cloud Flare

Many hosts employ a third-party application called Cloud Flare. It uses to protect websites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Which can often take down your site and cause loss of valuable information and data. There are two forms of DDoS protection available: DDoS mitigation, which helps you clean up after an attack; and DDoS protection, which stops attacks before they occur.

Softaculous for Installing Applications

Softaculous new feature introduced in cPanel. It provides an Auto-installation facility that lets you set up applications like WordPress, PHPBB, Drupal, Joomla, etc. with just a click of a button. Now you don’t need to go through complicated installation procedures. All applications can install just within seconds. Thus, it offers the best WordPress Hosting services for those who want their website up and running without any delay.

Onlive Server provides the Best WordPress Hosting the fastest web server in the world, specially optimized for WordPress so that you can outperform your competitors.


After years of hard work, Onlive Server has become one of the leading administrators in the industry. We’re known for our service and customer attention; however, we always struggle to offer additional features that will give users a benefit over their competitors. One way we’ve done this is by as long as providing cPanel hosting to our customers. If you would like to absorb more about how this feature works. Keeping the aforementioned tips in mind will definitely help you in choosing the right cPanel Hosting for your business or product. Please call us today.