best cloud VPS provider

Which is the best cloud VPS provider?

Onlive Server is the best Cloud VPS Provider in 45+ countries all over the world. Unlike traditional web hosting providers that use physical servers, cloud web hosting spreads data across multiple virtual servers. (This web hosting server exists absolutely in a virtual environment, as a result, the name, “the cloud.”) With cloud hosting, if you maximize storage or bandwidth on one virtual server, you can easily substitute unused resources for another. You can use it. You have multiple servers at your virtual disposal, cloud web hosting highest uptime, and balances out any spike in the website.

best cloud VPS provider

Ultimately, web hosting with cloud technological know-how makes any web application or website super reachable through a cloud network, no longer a single server, which is present with common non-cloud hosting. This means increased flexibility, scalability, performance, speed, and uptime.

Cloud Hosting, Explained

More and more businesses these days are gravitating in the direction of cloud web hosting to meet their online needs. From easy convenience to enterprise-level solutions, cloud web hosting offers a wide range of benefits.

Uptime – Thank You for, It’s giving out virtual server infrastructure, cloud hosting does not lead to the unavailability of service.

Scalability – A cloud infrastructure allows you to develop your web hosting resources, without the restrictions of physical hardware limits.

Speed – Forget noisy neighbors and enjoy maximum website speeds when you are on the cloud.

Data Security – If you choose a cloud storage solution, any cloud hosting server issues mean you won’t lose out on precious data.

Utility Costs – With cloud hosting, you only pay for the resources you truly use.

Shared Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

As a refresher shared web hosting is considered entry-level web hosting where your website shares resources with different users on the same server.

In an effort to pass on the advantages of cloud technology to customers, Namecheap’s Stellar Business Shared Hosting plan now presents a cloud storage solution that strengthens your website data with an added layer of safety by way of distributing it throughout different servers.

With zero downtime and top-notch performance, it gives all the stability you want without blowing your budget. In fact, the Stellar Business Shared Hosting plan starts at just $9/month.

VPS Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting works like an independent physical server, except that it is divided into several “virtual” servers.

Cloud web hosting sounds comparable to servers, no? The major distinction here is that instead of having a single server dedicated to your website, e.g. A VPS, you have access to a network of virtually limitless virtual machines.

Dedicated Server Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

If you are concerned about data safety and expect unparalleled performance, a dedicated server constantly has your back.

Compared to cloud hosting, a dedicated server means you have your very own physical server at your disposal, which offers you greater reserved resources, a separate safety perimeter, control over low-level server components, and greater setup freedom.

A potential drawback? You bear the operating costs for infrastructure management, monitoring and managing any hardware issues, configuration, updates, and more. And, if you locate that your resource requirements continue to extend your dedicated server, you will want to rent/lease a large server, consequently paying a greater amount. Also, migrating to some other server may increase your risk of downtime.

However, with cloud hosting, you only pay for what you use and you can continually make adjustments to your needs.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs. Cloud Hosting

Onlive Server gives the best VPS hosting for WordPress providers in 45+ countries all over the world. Do you want to set up your WordPress website however hate it, or are cautious of messing with the technical aspects? Managed WordPress web hosting is your one-way ticket. Here WordPress is set up for you, and your WordPress website gets posted quickly. You do not have to deal with administrative tasks like web page maintenance, control room management, or different technical issues. In different words, the hosting aspect of managed WordPress is greater or much less an afterthought, allowing you to be the center of attention completely on your website.

Unlike other managed WordPress hosting providers, Onlive Server’s managed WordPress product, EasyWP, runs on a thoroughly containerized cloud. It constructed in-house to provide you with all the providers you would expect from common managed WordPress hosting, but it also comes at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere. In fact, plans start at simply $1.00/month for the first month. It additionally packs several premium features like free SSL and CDN (Content Delivery Network). Did we mention it also has 99.9% uptime, with no noisy neighbors to gradual you down?


Onlive Server is the best Cloud VPS Provider in 45+ countries all over the world. Accessing the best cloud VPS server is easy. Some servers can even be configured conveniently. As a user, you will have FTP and SSH access alongside full root-level access. In addition to this, the Windows servers come with RFP and Admin access. You even get the choice of going for third-party libraries, modules, and purposes that want root access and that too without going through any form of trouble. Considering the benefits cloud VPS web hosting has on offer, it would be a correct deal to go for it.