Want to find a Netherlands VPS server that provides better connectivity and security? Choose Onlive Server. They have the best VPS server in the Netherlands. So that you can expect faster speed, maximum uptime, and higher data security. They even have an option to choose your IP address, which is extremely rare in the VPS server industry. You can now manage your Netherlands VPS server from anywhere, using the console or any web browser because it’s web-based.

VPS Server

Today, virtual private servers are basically on par with dedicated hosting in terms of performance. Onlive Server’s Netherlands VPS Server gives you all that plus more control over your site’s data. You get complete root access to your software stack and all storage, so you can install whatever applications or scripts you need to run a modern website.

Increased Reliability

Our Netherlands-based data center is located in an underground facility. Housed by a military bunker to offer you optimal protection against any potential attacks or disasters. In case of any technical failures, your website will still be up and running without affecting your ‘customers’ experience. Moreover, we offer a 100% network uptime guarantee for all our Dutch-based web hosting plans. Furthermore, we employ stringent security measures to ensure the safety of your websites and the privacy of your customer’s information. Again, if there is any downtime or other issues at our server location, you can rest assured knowing that there are alternative locations. Where your business can be transferred to.

Managed by Professionals

Your business has a lot of essential things to do, including handling your website. If you want to ensure that your Dutch VPS server runs smoothly at all times, you need an experienced team behind it. Instead of taking on that responsibility yourself, hire our Netherlands-based team for professional support. We’ll handle any maintenance issues or concerns you may have about your Netherlands VPS server. So that you can concentrate on more critical aspects of your business.

Guaranteed Uptime

With 99.9% guaranteed uptime, you can rest assured that your website will always be online and working correctly. If a system component fails or is compromised, we’ll restart it immediately to ensure you don’t experience downtime. In addition, with our 24/7 support team available to respond quickly, in case of a problem or question, you can be confident that your site is operating at its highest level of performance.

Faster Speeds

The Netherlands VPS server is equipped with SSD drives, guaranteeing fast loading times for all your websites. And since our servers are powered by 100% renewable energy. You get faster performance without any environmentally unfriendly ramifications!

You only need to worry about if someone manages to break into your server. Which isn’t likely thanks to state-of-the-art firewalls and monitoring tools.

The Netherlands VPS Server from Onlive Server offers the most advanced security measures today. There’s a password reset function that protects users in case they forget their passwords and virtualized firewalls that enable complete protection against cybercrime.

Stronger Firewall

You probably don’t need a massive firewall running a personal website or small-business site. However, we do offer complete inbound & outbound firewall protection with any virtual private servers. Our Netherlands VPS server has an ICSA-certified firewall that can protect your web application. Against Denial-of-Service attacks and other malicious attacks.

No Hidden Fees

With Onlive Server’s Netherlands VPS, you won’t find any hidden fees. There are no additional charges or annual payments to worry about. Our Dutch virtual private server (VPS) lets you get what you see. We have no hard data caps, overage fees, or bandwidth restrictions. You can rest assured that you will never have to pay the penalty for going over your monthly usage.

Worldwide Locations

One of Onlive Server’s specialties is its worldwide locations. They provide an extensive list of popular places that you can choose from. And once you have selected your location, they have a list of all of their servers, in that location so you can easily find one nearby to your target audience. What’s more, they also offer add-on services such as Cloud Load Balancing, Dedicated Firewall IP Addresses, Active Directory Services, and much more.


Choosing a Netherlands VPS server is a simple way to ensure your company’s operations stay on track. You can rely on an Onlive Server Netherlands VPS Hosting package. To supply your business with reliable connectivity, security, bandwidth, and speed. When you trust us for your virtual server needs. We promise to provide you with every option you need to ensure ultimate control over your business’s functions.