Linux Shared Hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting is a prominent option for any special one or business website which is just getting cracking online. In the case of Linux Shared Hosting, It is from time to time called shared services or virtual hosting as multiple websites share the same server, thus decreasing the cost for all.

when you want to host a company, produce blogs apply a CMS “Drupal Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Expression Engine Hosting, Text Pattern Hosting, Silver Stripe Hosting, etc.”, Write wiki, host your own photo gallery or sell online Products & services with an E-commerce Website, so that you can do it simply Via Onlive Server. Recently Onlive Server provides you with Linux, MySQL, and PHP, Apache, many existing applications for your website hosting. Here is available the up-to-date PHP Versions “PHP 5 to PHP 7”, and we also Provide versions of the user’s choice accordingly. Being having Various servers it is trouble-free for us to provide customized needs as per your choice.

What is Linux Hosting Server configuration?

Our Servers featured as XEON 2.4 GHz and above 8-20 Core CPU, up to 10 TB HDD, 32-128 GB RAM. Every single Web Hosting Server is connected with a secondary hard drive taking repeatedly weekly and monthly data backups. Though backups are not part of the service still we take the Matching to avoid disasters. It is very important that customers should keep Backups or opt for Daily / Weekly Remote Backup Services to have a mirror of their own websites.

Linux Shared Hosting Key Highlights as Your Requirements:

  • Hosting Unlimited Domains
  • 24×7 Live Support
  • DNS Handling
  • Unbeatable Uptime
  • Server Hardening
  • Free Migrations
  • Unlimited performance
  • Daily free backups etc.

Linux Web Hosting with Advanced Feature

Configurator Security and Firewall.

ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) is an experienced firewall pack for Linux systems that develops server security. The Login Failure Daemon (LFD) process, which keeps an eye on your server for failed login attempts and takes action against the offender’s IP address, is also involved.

Let’s Encrypt SSL

In Linux SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used. The SSL certificate encrypts the website’s data and sets up a more secure connection. Let’s Encrypt SSL tight your domains with free unlimited SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt handled and re-establish via your Plesk Control Panel. In addition, the certificate may show identification information for a Virtual Private Server to the sightseer

Linux Shared Hosting and Linux Dedicated Server

Linux shared hosting intends the shared hosting Medium where the websites run on the Linux server. In shared hosting, the provider hosts numerous websites on every single server where each of the websites is given limited resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and they cannot increase the resources. It is very affordable and outfits a business that does not have many visitors and is a new or small business.

Linux Dedicated serve is a type of managed hosting in which you (the client) have a complete server all to yourself, without neighbors. In shared hosting, you quite precisely share server space with other websites, but a Linux Dedicated Server means the server your site is on is everything yours.