cPanel Web Hosting

Facts About cPanel Web Hosting-

It is a sophisticated and simple to use tool that enables you to manage your website and your domain from an individual location and interface. So, if you are a new buyer in website creation or an experienced webmaster, you will benefit from the advantages that come with cPanel Web Hosting in equal measure.

It is the most general application for managing hosted websites. It permits you to do the most common tasks (set up email accounts, create backups, install software, etc.)on site. Various web hosting companies offer cPanel. So, if it is very important to you, you have many choices. This guide will help you sort through the issues to pick the right host for you.

It is known for being simple to use offering a variety of benefits that deal with files, email, stats, and data tracking as well as SEO optimization. cPanel web hosting is easy, it has everything you need to ensure the best experience possible on your journey.

Benefits of cPanel Web Hosting for your Business-

  • High-Speed cPanel Hosting- Our cPanel Web Hosting is all about website speed and it is built to save you and your customer every valuable second.
  • Secure and Reliable- It ensures security and reliability of the highest standard to put all your worries aside. Automatic and manual backups are necessary part of the cPanel ensuring the safety of your website.
  • Control and Flexibility- It is very easy and flexible to control and manage all types of cPanel features. It manages when and to what your customers need.
  • Cost-Saving- It is a cost effective and it is a way that is very less costly than other platforms. It offers you a range of plans and a complete package of applications that serves as a solid website management system.

Why to use cPanel web hosting?

It is a great control panel, which successfully with stood the test of time, and has an active community behind it. It can help you overcome any problems that arise during its use. The global use of cPanel is also due to the fact that it has a straightforward interface that can be simply understand by first time users as well. It has enterprise-level features like multi server that make it suitable for more professional use as well.

Also comes with a very an appropriate backup system, which can be found usually under the file section. It can be used to create non-incremental, snapshot- based backups from Databases. Files, Email settings, or you can back up the whole panel to an individual archive. It is very useful when you want to move to another host, which also offers cPanel as a control panel.

Why cPanel is so Good?

You will not find a more budget-friendly piece of software than cPanel whether you want to set up a blog, an e-commerce website. CPanel is a web-based control panel that makes it easy for consumers.

Onlive Server offers the Best Reseller Hosting at affordable price. It allows to create a business around selling space on the internet. Scalability is something that cPanel hosting is known for irrespective of the type of hosting that Best Reseller Hosting or dedicated server hosting, cPanel is suitable for all of them. It comes at such low cost that mostly you hosting provider will be paying for the license.


There are many matters to desire about cPanel hosting, and it is essential that you search them earlier than determining whether or not or now not it is proper for you. Millions of human beings benefit from this internet hosting management panel all over the world on daily basis. And you may want to be one of them. The management panel that you use for your website will have a vast impact on many things. It is all extra cause to pick out the proper one for the job. Finally, it is a stunning preference that is massive for every professional.