cheapest WordPress Hosting

Fastest WordPress Hosting

Our Onlive Server’s owner is a big WordPress fan, and you can find a real professional support team for your questions. We introduced Fastest WordPress Hosting as well as highly customized WordPress hosting offers.

  • you can add up FTP accounts, unlimited sub-domains, and email accounts.
  • whole hosting packages come with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Super quick SSD storage instead of classic hard disks.
  • All WordPress packages accommodate a free domain name and an IP address.
  • Above industry-standard 100% server uptime.
  • unlimited web space.
  • Up to 20x faster-running environment for bigger packages with 7×24 support.

Speed Up WordPress through Onlive Server

Onlive Server is a technical solution to accelerate your website’s demonstration for visitors. It utilizes a single physical actuality; the shortened distances can be taken quickly. Onlive Server is available for a small fee so it is worth exploiting it.

Employ Best Authentic WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of plugins in the market so that it can be confusing to select the proper ones. Additionally, some WordPress website owners install many plugins to their sites, but you should ignore such behavior. There can be many demerits to applying many plugins with no control.

Utilize a best Lightweight WordPress Theme

Having a good theme idea is just as foremost as having well-accomplish plugins. The theme is supervising for presenting a nice observation for your visitors, so it is crucial to select a good one. But the representation is not the only thing that’s focused on.


It goes with no saying, that a contemporary WordPress template should be entirely compassionate.

Optimize and Resize Images for Web

We have so far covered, on this account site speed is very precious, and won’t replicate it. Also, because depiction images are one of the considerable objects on your website, it is paramount to handle them with protection to not downtrend your website. By adding too many pictures that were not improved accurately, you can entirely eliminate your website’s when loading.

Select suitable dimensions for images

contemporary digital cameras to make a very big appearance, as in special cases, like billboards or posters, purchasers need them. But this doesn’t mean you should apply them as they are.

Images optimization

Once you cut your images to the perfect dimension and choose the best file type for them, you should also make the image optimization. It is about human eyes’ inadequacy. Our eyes can’t see the small distinction between accurate and inadequate quality images. Optimization means the procedure when we design the quality of the image lower until the result still shows the same for the readers.

Unwanted Visitors Blocking

occasionally happens that your audience lives in only a few countries, or at least, you don’t want to accept visits from some parts of the World. It is also possible that your website is in danger of continuous attack and the expedite attacks can be traced to exact countries or IP tolerances. If you want to resist unrequired visitors to save server resources or block the unthinkable attacks that kill your site, you should utilize some banning method. There are various alternations to do it.

As you utilize WordPress, you can apply a plugin to create the banning list, one of the best recommendations for this task is WP-Ban. With it, you can chunk users by IP address, or ban whole IP ranges, countrywide locations, or sponsors.


If you come here to the Conclusion section, then you previously know there are many factors that can slow down your website. One other thing to point is that the fastest WordPress hosting could be built on a Windows Dedicated Server. We shadowed all the possible threats and gave you determinations to ignore them. Be sure to practice the above-mentioned elements, products, and technologies, and the site will be always flourished, serving your visitors Rapidly.