Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting Service

The most is a prominent operating system in the world i.e.; Window. In other words the Windows Hosting uses Windows Server as an operating system and offers Windows-specific technologies. In this paragraph we will know all about Windows Web Hosting. Thus it is a type of web hosting that considers windows as the server’s operating system and runs Microsoft like MS SQL and Access.

Moreover, Windows Web Hosting simplified speeds up and automates the management, updating, and usability of the website on the server. Onlive Server, a leading Windows Web Hosting company, authorizes websites across the world to share their Windows server and get a distinct address on the world wide web. With our Windows hosting services, you get complete support from our hosting experts, high-capacity servers, total security, and the speed you need to run your website.

Benefits of Web Hosting

Windows hosting is a web hosting that establishes user files on a web server that uses the Windows operating system. It supports traditional hypertext mark-up language files. Here is two alternatives it comes to web hosting – Linux and Windows. However, Linux’s influence in the hosting arena, windows are gaining more popularity and it is, in turn, more commonly used. In this direction, there are numerous benefits that windows hosting users relish.

The .Net Configuration: It is the best decision for websites reliant on .net visual basics. It is literally the only alternative that gives the need to make a website using the .net dialect.

Easy to use: Almost every computer user is familiar with the windows operating system. Windows server grasp just about the same as a windows operating system. Therefore This makes it simple for everyone using a Windows server to have an easy time.

Extensions on the front page: Utilizing windows hosting will make your work much simple. You will not have to disturb and worry much about making certain that your server comfort web extensions.

Access suitability: It is capable to integrate the database consistently. In addition Considering websites that need to gather their data whence an access database, windows hosting is their greatest choice.

Suitability and ranging assistance: Numerous developers have generated applications that are suitable for windows-based servers. The same can narrowly be spoken about Linux and Unix.

Cost-effectiveness: Windows hosting has vested all other hustings in terms of cost-effectiveness. So that The licenses owned by Microsoft contribute greatly to this. Windows hosting is quite affordable. Importantly You can obtain a flourished featured hosting plan on windows at a very low cost.

Get Best Hosting with Onlive Server

We available with the best option for anyone who desires to make web administration comfortable and cost-effective. It is a feasible choice for various needs. Further this platform adjustably provides all the execution given by Linux and Unix. It is even additional you think about compatibility with other Windows applications. Fabulously, all this comes at a very affordable price.


If you are planning to develop a Recommended-based application on your website, there is better and economical choice of cheap services at Onlive Server. Although UNIX does not cover windows development, and if it is the development dialect of your strategy, windows hosting will serve the determination sufficiently.


On some occasions, you may not observe the dissimilarity between using either OS on your server. although, if you’re sounding to establish a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or use a Windows Dedicated Server , then you probably cover about every last detail, as well as that platform to use. expressing your way around the pros and cons of Linux and Windows when it comes to hosting is pivotal if you’re considering configuring your own server, be it a virtual or a dedicated one. Your choice of OS will influence almost every aspect of how you interconnect with it, so it isn’t to be taken softly.